Winter's Twilight

Episode 10: Of Phaerimms and Shades

The Asabi went down without much of a fight. “They didn’t fight like they used to” observed Findar. “Most likely, they were Dominated by the Phaerimm…” Clytie clarified. “They are near” she added.

The Asabi were guarding a huge iron door. Of ancient Netherese architecture, the solid door featured the maw of a massive demon surrounded by ornate carvings of sacrificial and ritual magic. It was far more complex than any door that they have seen before, SkyClad included.

“I can’t figure out the sequence of the gears;” SkyClad muttered to himself as he examined the door. “Perhaps, I can help you” said Isaac Kross. “I have read many an engineer’s tome during my travels”

The Bard moved past the Ranger, Daemon Frost, and began to study the complex gears.

He had his back towards the Ranger.

Then it began… without warning…

Like the crack of thunder and lightning, Daemon Frost drew his two short swords. Like a choreographed dance of death, the two blades were upon Isaac Kross. In a flash, Kross was down on the ground, swimming in his own blood.

Everyone was aghast.

Deamon Frost turned to look at them. He was pale and sweating. Trembling with adrenaline. His eyes no longer had pupils and were white as day.

“We’re doomed!” Findar gasped.

“Daemon Frost has been Dominated by the Phaerimm!”


Game Date: Feb 18, 2012. Mena Residence, Marikina

In-Game Days: 6


  • Keith Morales as Daemon Frost, Ranger of the North, Level 8

  • Alex Mena as SkyClad Nimblewind, The Outsider Halfling Rouge, Level 8

  • Nil Caruncho as Findar Hammersonn, borne of King Connar IV, bearer of the Dragon Armor, Level 8

  • Meng Morales as Clytie, Signet Ring Bearer, Daughter of a Fallen Angel, Level 8

  • Chase Gosingtian as Lysandros, Paladin Harper, Level 7

  • Phil Cahiwat as Morrisey, Harper Wizard, Level 7

  • Rex Golez as Isaac Kross, Bard, Level 7
  • Hadrhune
  • General Galanion (Shade)


After dispatching the Magma Dragon, our heroes proceed to explore the rest of the Azzrhat Magma Pits. Clytie receives “visions” of the following scenes:

  • Her party-mates sound asleep

  • Everyone talking but with no sound

  • Skyclad and the other combatants moving in “slow-motion”

Soon, they encounter 4 Asabi guarding a huge iron double-door. They defeated the Asabi guards without much of a fight (see intro above). Daemon Frost was dominated by the Phaerimm and proceeded to attack Isaac Kross.

SkyClad quickly manages to open the door. The huge chamber is the den of The Phaerimm. There, the creature kept “charmed and controlled” guards (Asabi and Bedine) and Bedine prisoners (for food perhaps?).

The floors on the entrance to the room were magically trapped with Symbols of Sleep, Silence and Slow.

SkyClad marches in and falls victim to the Sleep spell. Clytie, meanwhile, uses the Anulus Ingenium (Signet Ring) to negate the Phaerimm’s hold on Daemon Frost. Soon, through the use of various tactics, they spot the Phaerimm hovering at the center. The Phaerimm is still very much invisible and is protected by tons of defensive spells.

The party falls back, close the door and review their assault.

Clytie dispels the magical floor traps with the Signet Ring. Morrissey takes to the air (via Fly spell) and Lysandros and Kross attack the charmed guards. Kross is shocked to find out that one of the Bedine gaurds is Yryni. Yryni followed him to the Magma Pits and was taken prisoner by raiding Asabi (and brought here).

The party makes the perfect choice of dispelling the Phaerimm’s flight ability. Now, at the ground, the creature can be assaulted by melee attacks. The combined might of Lysandros, Findar, Daemon Frost and SkyClad finally fells the beast!

They free the prisoners and question the Asabi guards (DM Note: Intense role-playing moment when Findar wants to free and release them while the rest want to kill the Asabi. In the end, Kross and DF slash their throats!)

The Netherese Scroll (the object of their party quest) is also discovered after the battle as well a several scrolls which detail “special designs” on a ship. A strange “Ship’s compass” is also found.


Isaac Kross bears the “gifts” to prove that, according to Bedine traditions, he is man enough to propose to Yryni. Kross takes her to bed (but fails miserably on the first night to “impress” her with his “prowess”. Perhaps Bards are all talk, yes?)

Meanwhile, the party ask the help of Amen with the discovered Netherese Scroll. The scroll reveals a prophecy:

From the Shadows we return

Vengeance shall be ours

Stop the Three

They will come

The Small One

The Dragon

The Demon child

The City of Shade is in Danger

Amen suggests that they proceed to the City of Shade and show them the Phaerimm head in order to gain access and talk with Hadrhune, their leader. The party confirms that this is indeed their marching orders from Lady Alustriel (via Clytie’s Crystal Ball).


The party is granted an audience with King Hadrhune (sans their weapons). Hadrhune reveals that the Drow have aided them in returning from the Plane of Shadow. Tazrae (!!!!) was responsible for setting up a beacon at the High Forest which guided them back to the Prime Material Plane. (Daemon Frost controls his rage)

The party manages to convince Hadrhune to consider an alliance with the forces of Silverymoon in defense against the coming invasion of Bane’s army. Hadrhune stresses that their main focus is reclaiming Netheril, a land that is “theirs by birthright”. He cannot gamble and send his forces on a war which means nothing to him. The Shade leader asks the party to stay the night and promises to send an official emissary to Lady Alustriel once he makes a decision.The party is “locked” in a sealed Adamantine room where they ponder their actions and discuss their future plans. Deamon Frost reveals that he knows that Tazrae is in league with the Zhentarim (Banites) and that she may be playing both sides. They agree not let Hadrhune know this at this point.Clytie goes into another trance and receives a vision:  the Bedine camp soaked in blood and being attacked.


On the way back to the Bedine camp, Clytie’s Signet Ring detects the essence of a Being which it was designed to A Warrior of the Dark known as the Blood Mother!Towering over 200’ tall, the Blood Mother makes her attack! Morrissey prepares the mass-teleportation scroll which would take them back to Silverymoon but he fumbles and loses it in a torrential river of blood! SkyClad makes a dive for it. The Fallen Angel, Samael (Clytie’s father) makes an appearance too and holds off the Blood Mother until Morrissey casts the Mass Teleport!But something odd happened. Instead of being teleported back to SilveryMoon, they find themselves in Targos. There, they are greeted by old friends. They give the “ship-scrolls” to Oswald and the gnome tinkerer proceeds to study them.While resting, Clytie goes into yet another trance.“Krynn. We must find the Star Maps to Krynn!”


  • Hadrhune: Let me introduce you to my loyal aide, Tazrae!
  • Hadrhune: “This land is ours by birthright, toiled with our blood. What right have to tell us that we cannot reclaim that which is ours?!?”
  • Morrissey: “M’lord, if you continue this line of thinking, once Bane’s army pushes North, you may no longer have a land to call your own”
  • Isaac (after the ‘first time’ with Yryni) “Are you happy, my love?” Yryni: “Your lute is more exciting.”
  • Daemon Frost: “Why the hell are you arguing about THAT teleport scroll? We can just all teleport back to SilveryMoon and ask for ten, fucking more!”


  • Base: 6,400

  • Story Bonus: 2,000



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