Winter's Twilight

Episode 12: Justice for House Grachev

Episode 12 starts exactly when Episode 11 left off; The Company receives a quest from the Lich, Nicolai Grachev, to clear his name and seek justice/vengeance against 2 noblemen on the Rock of Bral, House Maraxis and House Vitra. In return, Grachev will give them the starmaps to Krynn.


Game Date: April 14, 2012. San Juan

In-Game Date Start: Eleint (Sept) 19, 1372DR

In-Game Date End: Eleint (Sept) 22, 1372 DR


  • Keith Morales as Daemon Frost, Ranger of the North, Level 9

  • Nil Caruncho as Findar Hammersonn, borne of King Connar IV, bearer of the Dragon Armor, Level 9

  • Meng Morales as Clytie, Signet Ring Bearer, Daughter of a Fallen Angel, Level 9

  • Chase Gosingtian as Lysandros, Paladin Harper, Level 8

  • Rex Golez as Isaac Kross, Assassin of The Fire Knives, Level 8


  1. Count Vitra

  2. Duke Maraxis

  3. Turry’n – thief contact A

  4. The Black Cat – thief contact B

  5. Serd – Harbormaster, Willis’ boss

  6. Willis – Assistant Harbormaster

  7. Demi – Willis’ wife

  8. Bruce – Willis’ son

  9. Arnold – Willis’ son

  10. Iggy – the beggar

  11. Sir Robert the Great (deceased charlatan)

  12. Lord Torem Belamos – ally of House Grachev

Back at The Gimos, the party formulate a solution to their dilemma: Incite a riot by spreading rumors against Maraxis and Vitra; then use said “distraction” to sneak into the mansions of both nobles to abduct them.

They also take the opportunity to purchase a few items from Quann, the Mercane; Lysandros buys a set of Celestial Armor (which he will get in 3 days) while Daemon Frost purchases 3 pieces of Aegis of Recovery (at a steep price, 5,000gp for 3).

Meanwhile, Isaac Kross “buys” information from the Mercane (about Maraxis and Vitra). Sadly, he does not have any coin on him. In return, Quann asks Kross to pickpocket the newly purchased Aegis of Recovery and return it to him. Isaac Kross obliges but is caught red-handed by Clytie. Clytie lets it go and Kross proceeds to the Mercane to seek his information (which, sadly, is the same info Brigss tells everyone at the ship).

Isaac then proceeds to again buy information. This time, from the Bral Theives’ Guild (again without money. He gives stew from the Crazy Dwart to a beggar named Iggy to borrow the beggar’s robes as a disguise). When he meets Raven, she asks him to assassinate Willis in exchange for information. Kross returns to Findar and the other officers to report. They instruct him not to continue.

Briggs Atrophos, the party’s newest friend and ally, tells everyone what he knows about the enemy houses: Vitra is a fat drunkard who operates a cargo business. He also “employs” Willis, the assistant Harbormaster. Maraxis runs a mercenary company called The Blade of the Red. His mercenaries have favor from Prince Andru and run around Bral “above the law”, so to speak.

Armed with the information, Captain Findar formulates a 3-day plan:


Lysandros and Briggs talk to Willis. Their goal is to make him “defect” to their side and to ensure the safety of The Gimos and keep a clear a way for the party (on the third day) should they be pursued upon escape. Willis confesses that he despises working for the Vitra (his real employer) and agrees to the request in exchange for the safety of himself, his wife Demi and his two sons, Bruce and Arnold. Willis wants himself and his family to be taken into The Gimos upon the party’s escape.

Isaac Kross seeks out the Thieves’ Guild through Typhoon Raven. Raven leads him (blindfolded) to their secret lair and introduces him to Tury’yn, his contact. Isaac negotiates a new deal; spread rumors about the enemy houses and help the party’s “strike team” infiltrate Maraxis’ keep. The Thieves’ Guild agrees to the deal in exchange for 8,000 gold. Kross pays the 50% downpayment, agrees on how messages are to be sent back-and-forth, and leaves.

Meanwhile, Findar takes a leisurely night stroll, spots a beggar, and gives the poor sod 100 in gold! Findar then weaves a story about how Maraxis and Vitra are responsible for the Undead Infestation and that they may be hiding a cure. When asked for a name, Findar tells the beggar that he is “Sir Robert the Great”. The beggar, overjoyed and in awe, runs to his friends to spread the word.


Daemon Frost and Lysandros return to Willis to gather information on nobles that may be possible allies of House Grachev. Willis tells them about House Belamos, who was once a close ally and business partner of Nicolai Grachev. He marks the location of the Belamos estate on the map and tells them to seek out Lord Torem Belamos, the current patriach of the clan.

Findar and the rest proceed to the Belamos estate in an effort to persuade Lord Torem to ally with them against Maraxis and Vitra. Belamos shares more details about his father’s relationship to Nicolai Grachev and how their wealth and power too was confiscated by Maraxis and Vitra. He is hesitant about clashing against the powerful Dukes Maraxis and Vitra since they have the favor of Prince Andru and exert a lot of influence on Bral politics (and graft and corruption within the city). When the party informs Lord Torem of the real identity of Nicolai and their quest, Torem decides to join their cause; he surrenders forged documents – proof that Nicolai Grachev has been framed for crimes he did not commit. He also confesses that the current Maraxis Keep used to be theirs. He gives the party maps and informs them about a secret passageway that exits on the shores of Lake of Bral. Lord Torem also promises to seek out new political allies in tonight’s Noble Ball with the Prince of Bral.

Meanwhile another dwarf claiming to be “Sir Robert the Great” starts giving out speeches near the Arena in an effort to con people of their money. The thieves report this to Kross. Kross, in turn, reports this to everyone. By nightfall, the charlatan is dead, with the words “Lies! Lies! Lies!” carved onto his chest via a stilleto.

Findar instructs Isaac Kross to give new instructions to the Thieves, make a martyr about the fake dwarf and strengthen their rumors about the violence and atrocities of the Red Blade and their employers.


By noon of the third day, a crowd of protesters have already gathered at the gates of Keep Maraxis and the Vitra Estate. Red Blade mercenaries have been mobilized to keep the unrest in check.

Lysandros picks up his Celestial Armor from Quann.

Willis provides more documents as evidence to clear the name of House Grachev.

By 4:00 PM, the party makes a beeline via the secret passageway towards the main Keep of the Maraxis Estate.

After passing through the infamous “Stuck Door”, they encounter some resistance – Red Blade elite guards (Spears are FUCKIN’ COOL, baby!!! – DM Mon) and manage to reach the master’s bedroom. There, they encounter more elite guards led by a Lizardman warrior and Maraxis himself. With difficulty, they dispatch the troops and the decoy “Maraxis” (an overlayed illusion on a human servant).

Our heroes hurry to the Throne Room where they find the real Maraxis burning documents and scrolls. Findar incapacitates one of them by “melting” the granite floors with his Stone Shape. The rest gang up and kill the other guard. Maraxis is knocked unconscious and is taken back to the Belamos Mansion.

At the Belamos Mansion, they are surprised to find Vitra already there as a prisoner/ There is a note from Typhoon Raven:


I like you. Consider this a bonus. Happy hunting!

Watch your back



With Lord Torem, they bring their prisoners to Royal Palace. Prince Andru will only speak with Belamos, the Captain of The Gimos and two others of the Captain’s choice. Findar chooses his first mate, Lysandros and Daemon Frost.

Torem and Findar present their case to Prince Andru. Backed with overwhelming evidence, Andru is outraged and is about to pass judgment on the two nobles.

Suddenly, the wind howls and blows an icy chill. The Lich, Nicolai Grachev makes his appearance and demands that Maraxis and Vitra be turned over to him!

Prince Andru agrees after getting Nicolai’s word to leave Bral and with him, the end of The Infestation.

In return, the Lich gives Findar, Frost and Lysandros the star maps to Krynn (along with some loots).


  • Findar: “Kross, I thought your services ONLY cost one gold piece?!?“

  • Findar: “Briggs! Quick! Check the door!” Briggs: “Door’s fine. Still sturdy, boss”

  • DM: The. Door. Is. STUCK!

  • Daemon Frost: "Can we not continue our meeting at The Gimos? I’m not comfortable here. Let’s bring our drinks." Findar: “We can’t! The mugs belong here!!!”

  • Fitz The Crazy Dwarf:TAKE OUT?!? I like the ring of that!”

  • Nicolai Grachev (to Lysandros): “Your words ring true, human. Someday, the darkness that has consumed me will consume you. Remember that!" Lysandros: “…”

  • Isaac Kross: “Godamn Spears! I hate them!!!!”

  • Skyclad (as NPC) (to Findar): “Just between us little folk. Bro, how long has it been since you… uh… you… had sex?”

  • Iggy the beggar: “Your name is Sir Robert the Great? I see. It’s ahh… great!”


  • Base: 3,600

  • Quest Bonus: 2,000

  • Side Quests Bonus: +500

  • MVP (Chase 3 votes): +1,000

PS. The following NPCs will board The Gimos:

  • Briggs Atrophos – employed as new Lieutenant

  • Willis and family – Willis to be new Quartermaster

  • Belladonna Valentine



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