Winter's Twilight

Episode 13: Krynn

In search of the second Signet Ring of Power, our heroes leave the Rock of Bral. Armed with the starmaps to Krynn, they finally arrive at the crystal sphere and step into unfamiliar terrain.

Captain’s Log, 421 AC, a day’s reach of Palanthas:

Just past our breach of the atmosphere of this alien world, one of its denizens saw fit to tear apart our dear Gimos. We sadly lost four in the unexpected attack, and had not the assassin brought more ordnance with him than could level Targos, we would’ve lost more. Oswald tended to ship’s repairs without complaint, and we are now on our way to the dark tower upon the Ring’s guidance.

Our first true encounter with a grown dragon has bidden me to take chronicle of their peculiarities as I see ‘em, in hopes of being earnestly prepared, lest more of ’em hinder our quest in the future. The tales I’ve heard in our few days at Kendermore are not enough; I must learn more of these malevolent but majestic beasts.

~ Captain Findar Hammersonn, The Gimos



Game Date: April 28, 2012. San Juan

In-Game Date Start: Eleint (Sept) 22, 1372DR

In-Game Date End: Nightal (Dec) 11, 1372 DR


  • Keith Morales as Daemon Frost, Ranger of the North, Level 9

  • Nil Caruncho as Findar Hammersonn, borne of King Connar IV, bearer of the Dragon Armor, Level 10

  • Meng Morales as Clytie, Signet Ring Bearer, Daughter of a Fallen Angel, Level 9

  • Rex Golez as Isaac Kross, Assassin of The Fire Knives, Level 9

Due to the difficulties of following the mysterious eddies of the Phlogiston, The Gimos is lost for 20 days. They finally correct their course and find the portal to Krynnspace. A week or so later, they enter the atmosphere of Krynn.

During landfall, The Gimos is face to face with an angry Black Dragon (aerial combat). Thanks to the epic stunts of Isaac Kross, the dragon is consumed in a violent explosion – the Assassin unleashed his entire stock of greekfire after a bite attack from the fell beast! Alas, 4 crew died during the battle.

Belladonna Valentine, a native of Krynn, suggests that they land in Kendermore and seek out his Uncle, Rufus Thistleknot. Belladonna was also instrumental in briefing the officers of The Gimos on Krynn legend and lore.

They land in the island of Balifor, in a ruined area a few miles East of Kendermore. They bury the dead and the away-team continue on foot to Kendermore during the night. By sunfall the next day, they find themselves at the edge of the biggest Kender settlement in Krynn.


To their surprise, they discover that Kendermore (and several of the surrounding areas) are under the military control of the Knights of Neraka, an offshoot military unit of the Knights of Takhisis. Kendermore is under the command of commander Aglaya Darya.

Under cover of darkness, Belladonna leads our heroes through a series of paths and they soon seek shelter at the home of Rufus Thistleknot. Rufus is glad to see his niece after ten years. Rufus informs everyone that he is now the “Groff” (mayor) of Kendermore but has to report directly to Aglaya Darya. Belladonna tells her uncle that she and her friends are “looking for something powerful” and they need all the help they can on said quest.

Rufus answers most of their questions about the current state of things in Ansalon, Kendermore and about the Knights of Neraka. During a private conversation with the Groff, Skyclad is shocked to discover that he is the grandson of Tasslehoff Burrfoot and is the last remaining Burrfoot (perhaps) in Ansalon. The great “Tas” has tasked the Groffs of Kendermore to give a small box to anyone who is proven his direct descendant.

Tavin, the son of the Groff, also makes an appearance. Tavin was arranged to be wed to Nikki Springtoe in 3 days. But, upon seeing Belladonna, Tavin no longer wants to proceed with the wedding. Tavin confesses that Belladonna is her first and true love. Rufus becomes worried about this sudden turn of events and about his family’s reputation should the wedding not proceed as planned.

Tavin, Skyclad and Belladonna have a short confrontation in the kitchen. Tavin asks Belladonna to choose by tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Rufus agrees to give the Tasselhoff’s box to Skyclad only if they fix this wedding “mess” and prevent a scheduled prosecution of two Kender “theives” by noon the next day.

At noon the next day, donning disguises (Daemon Frost as an old man with a pointy hat!) and invisibility rings and spells, Findar manages to bribe Nerrith P’un, the captain of the guard to release the two Kender prisoners. They also bribe the release of Gaban, a human “vagrant” and take all the prisoners into their custody.

Back at the Rufus residence, Clytie receives a vision: the Tower of High Sorcery at Palanthas – the possible location of the second Signet Ring. As they prepare their plan, Tavin appears and makes haste to leave – he has stolen something valuable from commander Aglaya Darya and pleads the party to take him with them.

Rufus gives Skyclad the box left by Tasslehoff. Inside, he discovers a short note from his grandfather and the legendary dagger, Rabbitslayer.

The party makes haste, heads back to The Gimos with Tavin and Gaban.

The Towers of High Sorcery at Palanthas

They drop off Tavin at Palanthas and proceed to explore the ruined Tower.

Our heroes stumble upon the final resting place of Steel Brightblade. As curious as Kenders can be, SkyClad opens the tomb – which unleashes Skull Knight Guardians! In the ensuing battle, Clytie botches her fireball and kills Gaban in the process.

The group defeat the Skull Knights and proceed onward, keen on other challenges ahead as they search for the lost Signet Ring.


  • Groff Rufus Thistleknot

  • Tavin Thistleknot

  • Gaban (deceased) – by Clytie’s fireball

  • Nerrith P’un
Dead Crew
  • Baragor
  • Ernest
  • Aquizo
  • Lt. Conway


  • Leandro (Ship’s Cook): “Senor, tell me what you want to eat?” (after seeing Isaac kill the Black Dragon

  • Groff Rufus: “I am fucked!!!” after learning that Tavin stole from Aglaya Darya

  • Belladona: “You’re… a… BURRFOOT?!?!!! Oh my gawd!!!”

  • Daemon Frost: “Bless his soul. He had potential while training with the spear”


  • Base: 1,900

  • Story: 1,000

  • MVP (Rex): 1,500

  • Early Bird: (Meng and Keith) +500



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