Winter's Twilight

Episode 14: Burdens of The Ring

The Company of Targos brave the Tests of High Sorcery, defeat Malystryx and recover the Anulus Mentem, the second Signet Ring of Power. In a power struggle, Lysandros incites the crew of the Gimos to court-marshal Clytie. Samael appears and Clytie loses the Anulus Ingenium to Findar, its new bearer.


Game Date: May 12, 2012. San Juan

In-Game Date Start: Nightal (Dec) 11, 1372 DR

In-Game Date End: Nightal (Dec) 11, 1372 DR


  • Keith Morales as Daemon Frost, Ranger of the North, Level 9

  • Nil Caruncho as Findar Hammersonn, borne of King Connar IV, bearer of the Dragon Armor, Level 10

  • Meng Morales as Clytie, Signet Ring Bearer, Daughter of a Fallen Angel, Level 9

  • Rex Golez as Isaac Kross, Assassin of The Fire Knives, Level 9

  • Chase Gosingtian as Lysandros, Harper Paladin, Level 9

  • Iggy Javellana as Briggs Atrophos, Giff Gunslinger, Level 6


After battling the Knights of the Skull, the guardians of Steel Brightblade’s tomb, the away-team proceeds to locate the entrance to the main tower.

Meanwhile, back at The Gimos (unknown to the rest of the party), Lysandros incites the crew of The Gimos to court-marshal Clytie. The charge: involuntary manslaughter. Oswald sends Lysandros and Briggs to follow the main party to make sure that they return safe to their ship.

The main party (Findar, SkyClad, Clytie, Isaac and Daemon Frost) finally locate the entrance to the main tower. It is a long climb up through jagged steps and crumbling rocks. Lysandros and Briggs catch up.

With the rogues using their climb and acrobatics skills and Deamon Frost using the Troll Gut rope, they all manage to get 200-feet up onto the first level of the tower (Apprentice Quarters)

At the second level (Templar Quarters), they encounter a Fire Giant Dragonspawn and 3 Knights of the Skull. After defeating the monsters, they proceed to the upper level. There, they discover that the entire level is a “Dragon Trap”, a huge open cavern where Dragons are led through. The dragons will find it difficult to escape due to reverse-spikes in the wall. Surrounding the trap-chambers are corridors with slits just enough for fighters at the other side to assault the dragons with Dragonlances.


In the main chamber, they find a library. From the ancient tomes and scrolls, our heroes discover that they have to undergo 3 Tests of High Sorcery

  • The Defender

  • The Test of Stealth

  • The Test of High Sorcery

THE DEFENDER (Co-DMed by Keith Morales for Earth, Alex Mena and Rex Golez for Lightning and Chase Gosingtian for Water)

Findar and Briggs wear the white robes and enter the Defender test.

Here, they find themselves only with their underwear and armed only with a long spear (Briggs) and a battle axe (Findar). The test is to race uphill and encounter Elementals along the way (Earth Elemental, Lightning Elemental and a Water Elemental).

It is a race against time and when they defeat each Elemental, they are rewarded with more gear (armor, potions, shields, etc).

Findar and Briggs, manage to pass the Defender test, barely making it in time.

They are rewarded (along with general treasure) with a partial piece of Dragonlance.


SkyClad and Isaac Kross don the brown robes and enter the Test of Stealth.

Here, they are presented with three rooms which they must overcome with their skills and tactics

  1. The Room of Runes – a huge circular room with 2 doors. The goal is to go from Door A (south) to Door B (north). The floors have tiles with strange runic inscriptions. Skyclad and Isaac decide to avoid the runes and they are blasted with a 15d6 Cone of Cold and Fireball (from 2 mechanical dragon heads at the northern section of the room). Ultimately, they both manage to hang on the narrow door ledge and unlock the door

  2. The Room with Three Tables – in this room, there are 2 tables. Each table has the icons of Sword, Shield, Pig. Skyclad disarms the spear traps from each table. Soon enough, they deduce that you have to leave magical items on each table to unlock the single door to exit the room. They leave the Blade of the Lamprey +2, A full plate +2 and iron rations on each of the tables and pass the second test.

  3. The Room with Four Doors – A small, square room with 4 doors per side. Each door has magical traps. Anyone who enters, exits through another door in the room randomly. Both rouges disable the traps and finally figure out that they have to walk backwards in sequence to escape from this room.

Skyclad and Isaac Kross are rewarded with magic items and another partial piece of a Dragonlance.


In the last, and most difficult, test of the Towers of Palanthas, Clytie dons the red robe and proceeds;

In this test, she must identify a specific spell for each of the Eight Schools of Magic. She gets 6 out 8 (with help from friends, notches and spellcraft checks). For the incorrect two spells, Clytie sacrifices her health (permanent -4 to Con and a change in appearance, iris change and tanned skin).

She is awarded with a magic item and the third and final piece of the Dragonlance.


With the Dragonlance compete, they finally encounter the Dragon Malystryx, one of the most powerful dragons in Krynn.

The battle begins at the massive roof of Palanthas tower.

In the first few rounds of combat, they scatter to avoid the massive breath weapon of Malystryx.

Lysandros, wields the Dragonlance.

Skyclad summons the Instant Fortress, while the others move in to engage the Dragon. Briggs and Lysandros engage the dragon with missle fire (bow and gun. NOTE: Briggs manages to score a couple of critical hits to retain his “Grits” as a gunslinger) while Clytie combines defense and offense (Ice Storm) to chip away at the beasts’ massive life.

Malystryx leaps to the top of the Instant Fortress to avoid melee. Lysandros gets a well-timed hit with the Dragonlance. This sends Malystryx reeling and flies away. Skyclad launches Rabbit Slayer from his shoulder cannon, adding more damage to the weakened Wyrmm.

Clytie finishes Malystryx with her final Ice Storm.

The Dragonlance and Malystryx’s essence combine into the second Ring of Power. The Anulus Mentem lands in front of our heroes.

Skyclad moves forward and becomes the first Bearer of the Anulus Mentem


Back at the Gimos, Lysandros unveils his court marshal charges against Clytie. Several of the crew are in agreement. Daemon Frost defends Clytie.

Findar silences everyone and asks Clytie to speak against the charges. Clytie is willing to take punishment but asserts that she too, did not wish the deaths of anyone.

Samael enters the body of one of the crew and kills another instantly! Protective of her daughter, he dares anyone who can bear the burden of the Ring to take it from her Clytie. Samael asks Clytie if he wished anyone dead.

“Your destiny is not with these weaklings, my beloved. Your destiny is to become one of us. Power and immortality is to become of you. Do you wish your accusers, dead?” roared the Fallen Angel.

“No, my father. I beg you. I wish no one harmed” Clytie quickly responded.

“Then what is your wish?” asked Samael.

“I wish that this burden, this Ring, be taken away from me.”

With that, Findar gladly accepted the burden and announced it to everyone. Samael approves of this and leaves.

Findar is now the second Bearer of the Anulus Ingenium.

As a price, Clytie loses part of her humanity. Her demonic form becomes more pronounced and she loses the entire memory of her childhood.


  • Base: 5,300

  • “Tests” EXP: 2,000 to 3,000


  • Daemon Frost, 9 to 10

  • Clytie, 9 to 10

  • Skyclad, 9 to 10

  • Briggs, 6 to 7



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