Winter's Twilight

Episode 15: It Must Have Been Love

With the second Signet Ring of Power, the Anulus Mentem, now in his possession, Skyclad Nimblewind and the Company of Targos face one of their toughest decisions yet: help free Kendermore from the Knights of Neraka or waste no time in continuing in their quest to find the rest of the Rings…

EPISODE 15 “It Must Have Been Love”

  • Game Date: Oct 13, 2012 (Saturday), San Juan

  • In-Game Date Start: Nightal (Dec) 11, 1372 DR

  • In-Game Date End: Hammer (Jan) 26, 1373 DR (45 days)


  • Keith Morales as Daemon Frost, Ranger of the North, Level 10

  • Nil Caruncho as Findar Hammersonn, borne of King Connar IV, bearer of the Dragon Armor, Bearer of the Anulus Ingenium, Level 10

  • Meng Morales as Clytie, former Signet Ring Bearer, Daughter of a Fallen Angel, Level 10

  • Alex Mena as Skyclad Nimblewind, The Last Burrfoot, Bearer of the Anulus Mentem, Level 10

  • Rex Golez as Isaac Kross, Assassin of The Fire Knives, Level 9

  • Chase Gosingtian as Lysandros, Harper Paladin, Level 9

  • (NPC) Iggy Javellana as Briggs Atrophos, Giff Gunslinger, Level 7

  • (NPC) Morrisey, the Wizard of Silverymoon.


  • Oswald and the crew of The Gimos

  • Belladona Valentine

  • Jorus Azuremantle

  • Emma Moonblade

  • Ruha the Seer

  • Lady Alustriel

  • The Stranger

  • Turlang

  • Augustus

We continue the tale as soon as Samael leaves The Gimos and a semblance of normalcy resumes on the ship and crew.

Belladona Valentine asks Skyclad Nimblewind if he can help free Kendermore from the oppressive Knights of Neraka who have ruled the province for more than 5 years. The Company is divided. Most of them have come to the conclusion that:

  • It is not their war

  • It will take some time to “free” Kendermore from the Knights and;

  • time is of the essence. This “side quest” may take up much of the party’s precious time to find the other Rings and bring the battle to the enemy

Belladona was furious and heartbroken. “I thought that I have found the one” she told Skyclad. “But it seems that you have made up your mind. Goodbye. My place is with our people and regrettably, it is not within your heart.” she finished.

After discovering that the great dragon, Hellwing is currently the Overlord of the eastern province where Kendermore belongs, Daemon Frost, urges Belladona to leave the ship immediately. They lower her on a small lifeboat with enough supplies and say their goodbyes. Belladona refuses to talk to Skyclad. And that is the last time they see the Kender Rogue.

Lay a whisper on my pillow,
leave the winter on the ground. 
I wake up lonely, there’s air of silence 
in the bedroom and all around. 

Touch me now, I close my eyes and dream away. 

It must have been love but it’s over now. 
It must have been good but I lost it somehow. 
It must have been love but it’s over now. 
From the moment we touched ‘til the time had run out. Make-believing we’re together, 
that I’m sheltered by your heart. 
But in and outside I’ve turned to water 
like a teardrop in your palm. 
And it’s a hard winter’s day, I dream away.

- Roxette



Findar, new bearer of the Anulus Ingenium, uses his ring to seek new information on the location of the next ring. With the help of meditation and prayers from Lysandros, their visions reveal a mysterious mist that leads to a demi-plane of Dread. The Stranger also visits Findar in a dream: This mist will spawn only when there is “much death, hate and suffering”.

Setting a course back home, Captain Findar orders Oswald to set a course back towards Realmspace. 45 days into their travel, The Gimos makes landfall at the High Forest. They find out that they have been gone from The Forgotten Realms for more than 4 months. The forces of Bane, from Hellgate Keep, have began their assault, marching East.

They search for The Grandfather Tree, Turlang. During their march in the High Forest, they encounter a Troll patrol (normal Trolls and 2 Mountain Trolls) [DM NOTE: Meng is penalized a notch for metagaming and using player knowledge about the Troll’s weakness to sonic attacks]. Dispatching the Bane guards, they chance upon Turlang’s camp but discover that he has uprooted and retreated towards Silverymoon.

The strategic city of Silverymoon has been under siege for more than 2 months. An overwhelming army of demons and humanoids from Hellgate Keep wait at the gates.

Communicating via their crystal ball, our heroes land their ship under the Moon Bridge and proceed to the palace of Lady Alustriel.

There, they are met by Jorus Azuremantle who, with a crafty Charm spell (on Morrisey), extracts the real reason why they’ve been gone for so long. Azuremantle demands that Alustriel and the other leaders of Silverymoon be briefed about the party’s secret quest about the Signet Rings of Power.

In the garden of Lady Alustriel’s palace, Daemon Frost convinces everyone that he be given a few hours of solitude with Jorus so that the elder Wizard can determine if this secret truly deserves to be known by many (DM NOTE: Keith receives 2 notches for this wonderful idea! Woot!)

Riding a white dragon, Azuremantle takes the ranger to the peaks behind the great city. There, Daemon Frost tells Jorus everything and why the truth has to be kept secret – the enemy has many spies and if information is not kept to select few, thousands of innocents will die. Frost also asks if Jorus can open a gate for the party to the Demiplane of Dread – RAVENLOFT since they believe that they can find the 3rd ring there.

Azuremantle agrees with Frost’s reason, brings back a new wolf (animal companion) for Daemon Frost and convinces Alustriel and the council that the Company’s secret is safe. Finally, he also agrees to help the party find the next ring.

Finally, Morrisey proclaims everyone full-fledged Harpers. In a short ceremony, Alustriel hands them the Harper Pin and formalizes their induction.

“Meet me at the top of my tower at midnight and I will aid thee in your quest” said Azuremantle.

“Beware!” gasped Ruha the Seer.

“In the land of Mist and Death, one of you will fall” she whispered.

Meanwhile, during the downtime, Skyclad and Isaac visit Augustus’ Weapons and Armor shop. While Isaac distracted the shop owner, Skyclad steals a rare dagger which supposedly “brings back the one you love” and “can kill anyone with one strike should you know his True Name”.

During this time, Lysandros headed to his order and asked to be granted a quest for a Holy Avenger. His quest: Slay 4 demon types on of each Type I to Type IV and return to the Church.


Passing through the gate, our heroes find themselves in the mist-laden demiplane of Ravenloft. At the bogs, they are immediately surrounded by a group of Vampires (one dozen hot, sexy, vampire bitches, no less)

The battle was difficult.

With well-timed fireballs and also a ingenious trick by Findar and Lysandros (the Holy Symbol of Tyr crafted from fire), they defeat the vampires. Briggs is killed and his body taken by the vampires to the menacing castle on the horizon.

Findar, through the Anulus Ingenium, receives a vision;

Count Sthrad Von Zarovich is wearing the Signet Ring which they seek!


Base: 18,000. Story: 3,000


  1. Daemon Frost – 94,200 (3). MVP of the Night.

  2. Skyclad – 96,600 (3)

  3. Findar – 106,700 (3). Level Up to 11

  4. Lysandros – 85,250 (1). Level Up to 10

  5. Isaac – 84,600 (2). Level Up to 10

  6. Clytie – 95,400 (3).


  • “One. One Hunchback! Bwah ha ha ha ha!” – Sthrad

  • “You can suck my dick but that dagger’s NOT for sale” – Augustus

  • “We’ve been scrubbing for 30 fucking days now!” – 2 deckhands penalized by Lysandros

  • “You can read minds? Yes? Read THIS” - Belladona to Skyclad

  • “And that’s how you stake ’em bitches!” - Isaac, after rolling a 20. The only number that could hit and kill the vampire with a called stake shot through the heart.

  • “$(!$())(%)&&$!#^&!^*&$^&#$__%$!#(#)$!!!!!!” – Keith after seeing the FLYING IPIS (iRL).



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