Winter's Twilight

Episode 8: DF and the Owlbear

After converting the characters from D&D 3.5 to Pathfinder, we now proceed to Book 2 of Winter’s Twilight. In this episode, Daemon Frost is the center of the story as he confronts his past and discovers the real killer of his wife and child.

Welcome to Book 2.

Game Date: Jan. 14, 2012. San Juan, Metro Manila


  • Keith Morales as Daemon Frost, Ranger of the North, Level 7

  • Alex Mena as SkyClad Nimblewind, The Outsider Halfling Rouge, Level 8

  • Nil Caruncho as Findar Hammersonn, borne of King Connar IV, bearer of the Dragon Armor, Level 8

  • Meng Morales as Clytie, Signet Ring Bearer, Daughter of a Fallen Angel, Level 7

  • (in absentia) Chase Gosingtian as Lysandros, Paladin Harper, Level 6
  • Augustus, owner of Weapons and Armor Shop in Silverymoon
  • The Owlbear. Hail! Hail!


When the party comes out of ShadowFell, only a few seconds transpired in the actual world, the Prime Material Plane. This prompted the leaders of Silverymoon to brand the mission as a failure. Bane has re-entered the world through Ezra and Harper scouts reported that a mighty army is forming at Hellgate Keep, preparing for a great invasion.

Our heroes kept a pact with The Stranger not to divulge any of the events in ShadowFell nor the secrets they have gleaned which centered upon the Anulus Ingenium and the legend of the Five Rings.

Meanwhile, allies led by the Lady Alustriel have been tasked to form armies of their own to defend the realms. Alustriel orders Emma Moonblade, Thorin Seeker and Oswald to return back to The North and gather allies.

The rest of the group have been entrusted to Lysandros to begin their training as Harpers. They are to stand by in SilveryMoon and await final orders.


The party asks Lysandros to accompany them to various shops in Silverymoon. Daemon Frost goes to Augustus’ to convert the longsword, Blade of the Lamprey into a shortsword. Augustus, the owner of the shop, is in awe of Findar’s Dragon Armor. Augustus employs Findar as a smith. Interestingly enough, Findar’s first job is Frost’s blade!

The next day, Findar visits a temple of Selune (goddess of the Moon) to get his Lycanthropy cured. During that time, SkyClad returns to Augustus’ shop and steals 2 valuable daggers (A Dagger of Venom and a +3 Keen Dagger).


They return to Jorus Azuremantle to help them find out who the real killers of Daemon Frost’s wife and daughter are. Azuremantle directs them to Ruha the Seer.

Ruha begins a ritual where Frost will go inside his own mind to probe his fears. He has to overcome these to clearly see his past, and the truth.

[DM’s NOTE: In this exercise, Keith writes down 3 each of his characters’ Fears, Likes and Dislikes. The remaining players then take this information to create 2 encounters which DF must pass in order to know the “truth”]

Encounter 1: Crossroads

Frost finds himself in a foggy, ruined city. He quickly discovers that it is the capital Cormyr, the kingdom of his birth. The ranger is in the center of a cross road and hears the growing din of people and conversations. He moves towards the castle but finds himself at another crossroad and another, and another, and another.

Suddenly, an assailant darts from the shadows and knocks him out cold.

Encounter 2: The Forest and the Owlbear

Frosts comes about and finds himself running away from something. He is almost naked, without gear, in a forest at night.

As a Ranger, the realization comes as a shock – he is being hunted.

He fashions a spear and braces himself on the biggest tree he can find. Soon, the Owlbear appears from the shadows. The Owlbear runs towards the ranger but stops inches from the spear. Daemon Frost lunges and attacks! The Owlbear tears his spear to shreds.

He panics, climbs up a tree. The Owlbear pursues.

Soon, he finds himself staring at his most feared monster eye-to-eye. The Owlbear stops. Hope, his wolf, comes running towards them, stops, and rubs his felt against the Owlbear’s legs.

“You have to face your fears, master” yelps Hope.

“What is happening?” Deamon Frost asked.

The Owlbear disappears in a flash of light and one by one, Frost’s friends come out from the fog and reassure him that all is well.

Daemon Frost has passed the test. He returns to consciousness in the real world.

“You have fared well, half elf” muttered Ruha, the seer. Beads of sweat trickling down her forehead.

“Are you ready to know the truth?” she asks.

With that, the grim murder scene plays out in front of Deamon Frost revealing, finally, the true killer of his family…




  • Augustus: “I am in awe! The Dragon Armor of King Connar AND his descendant! In my shop! Holy Fuck!”

  • Augustus (to SkyClad): “Are you gonna pawn it or sell it? Let me get an expert, buddy!”

  • Keith: “Up a tree?!? You got to be kidding me!. I thought they were more bear than owl” Nil: “Well, they ARE Owlbears” Alex: “And you probably fear tree-climbing Owlbears the most! hehehe”

  • DM: “Your back is to a tree right? The biggest tree you can find, right? Ok. The single owlbear vanishes… and all trees in the forest BECOME owlbears!!!” (kidding)


  • Base: 1,000 (story)

  • Notches: 1,000 (DF got 2)

  • Co-DMing: +1,000 (Meng only 500)



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