Chieftain of the Bedine Tribe (Nimad)


Amenrath is a PC in my old Winter’s Twilight campaign (played by Myk Roman).

As such, here’s his history during 1371DR (the year before the campaign date of 1372).

Amen, as he more fondly known, grew up in the deserts of the Anuaroch. Raised and trained by the Bedine, he has learned the ways of the desert and is a proficient scout, tracker and warrior. The Bedine, through the prophecies of Elah (Selune), has foretold of a great Cataclysm which will strike Anuaroch next year (1372DR The Year of Wild Magic). The Shade, led by the mighty Hadrhune, may have a hand in this. Struck down by Asabi while rescuing an ambushed Bedine patrol, he saw visions of a strange city in the North. Clerics of Elah have foreseen the written prophecies of a “stranger” which will liberate Anuaroch from disaster. Amen travels to the North to seek answers.

Now, Amenrath is the chieftain of the Nimad tribe


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