Belladonna Valentine


Short and Sweet: Kender at Bral. Skyclad’s girl. Now aboard The Gimos
First Appearance: Episode 11
Alignment: CG
Class and Level: Rogue level 7
Home: Bral (originally form Krynn)
Status: Aboard the Gimos


Belladona helped the party discover a secret passage into the middle of the city of Bral during The Infestation. Since then, she and Skyclad have been constant companions.

As a native of Krynn, Skyclad brought her along for the trip. Upon landing at Kendermore, Belladonna directs the party to his uncle Rufus Thistleknot, who is now the Groff (mayor) of Kendermore.

There, Belladonna rekindles the flame of first love with Tavin, Rufus’ son.

After finding out the Skyclad is a Burrfoot, Belladonna confesses her true love to Skyclad.


Level 1, Combat Reflexes: Make additional Attacks of Opportunity per round equal to Dex mod
Level 3, Dodge: +1 Dodge bonus to AC
Level 5, Mobility: +4 AC vs Attacks of Opportunity from movement
Level 7, Spring Attack

Belladonna Valentine

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