Sorceress, PC


Important Information

  • Distrustful of other spellcasters
  • Has not learned to harness her true magical potential
  • Seeks to unravel the mystery of Ezra
  • Has met Emma Moonblade and Ezra at the beginning of the Campaign
  • Discovered that she is the daughter of Samael, a Fallen Angel (Demon) and has the Abyssal bloodline (See Sorcerer character class)
  • Is the bearer of the Anulus Ingenium. The first Signet Ring of Power found
  • responsible for the deaths of several NPCs. Clytie has to live with the guilt

At an early age, Clytie discovered that she could hear the thoughts of all Elves nearby.

This freaked her out and ultimately she left her home in search of answers.

“Do not trust other magic-wielders” was an advice that she has taken to heart. While under the mentorship of a Sorcerer, Clytie blacked out and found herself in the outskirts of The Frigid North (in Brynn Shander).

There, she met Emma Moonblade and Ezra. Emma took Clytie to Targos where she begins her new life of adventure.


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