Daemon Frost


Important Information

  • His wife and daughter were murdered (Gabrielle and Naivey)
  • has traveled from the Corymrian lands to seek the murderer of his family
  • has learned that SkyClad (according to Ezra’s dream) is the murderer (this has been proven false)
  • From the ritual by Ruha the Seer (at Silverymoon) he discovers that Tazrae was the one who murdered his family. He has also surmised that Tazrae (now working with The Shade) also has ties to the Zhentarim
  • Has stayed his hand when he encountered Tazrae and has decided not to inform Hadrhune, King of the Shade, about the treachery by the Zhentarim.
  • Has began feeling close to Clytie since the Hellfire botch incident in Episode 11

Daemon started out living life as a simple farmer in a community located a few miles outside of Alyssim. A bastard son of a deranged wild elf who forced himself on his mother as she was tending her family’s sheep, Daemon has lived most of his life as a loner, shunned by people of his village due to his origins as well as the difference in his appearance. His only respite is the few nights he gets to lay down with the adventurous women of their village, trying to satisfy their curiosity about the carnal prowess of the reclusive elves. He makes sure he does not disappoint every time. Although he knows their fathers will probably beat him to death if they found out, he has found out that without the occasional tryst, his moods turns sour and work around the farm tends to get harder to accomplish.

Before deciding on living life as a simple farmer, Daemon attempted to get in touch with his elven brethren residing within the forest of Alyssim. After numerous trials and disappointment, he was finally let in and was taken under the wing of an old ranger who felt empathy for the young half elf.

During his stay with the Elven community, Daemon experienced the same derision he got while living with the human community outside of the forest, leading him to decide he was better off with the humans. At least with them, he can stay with his mother, the only real family he has.

Although brief, his stay under the mentorship of the ranger allowed him to learn to utilize the natural abilities granted to him by his elven blood. He was also taught the basic skills of using the bow to hunt and defend himself, as well as the proper use of swords. He was also taught the ways of the ranger. Although he showed promise, his angst over his frustration of being accepted hindered him from truly mastering his craft.

Upon his return to the village where he was born, Daemon was greeted by news of his mother’s death, plunging him once again into depression. His only salvation was a widow, named Gabrielle, who was also staying in his village. With the help Gabrielle, he slowly came out of his depression, allowing a smile now and then, eventually learning to laugh and enjoy life once again. He eventually married Gabrielle, producing a daughter, named Naivey.

For once in his life, Daemon was finally happy; he had a family who loved and the village has finally accepted him for who he is. He was content and ready to live out the rest of his life as a simple farmer.

On the summer that Naivey was supposed to celebrate her fifteenth year, a plague broke out. The people of their village was ill prepared to handle something like this and those that could left the village did and those that couldn’t were left to die.

Daemon decided to move his family to somewhere safe so they travelled to Cormyr.
On the fifteenth day of their travel, tired and hungry, they were ambushed by a group of bandits preying on weary travelers.

Although he tried to put up a fight, the bandits overpowered Daemon and left him for dead on the side of the road.

He awoke to see his daughter tied to the side of his wagon, her clothes ripped to shreds, with blood dripping from her now lifeless body. Sobbing, he cut her down and laid her down on the blood drenched road. That’s when he noticed Gabrielle’s head, her mouth frozen in a scream, looking at him from the other side of the wagon. Seeing this was too much for Daemon to bear and he passed out once again.

When he woke up, he was lying down by a campfire, with bandages covering his wounds. Looking around, he saw that he was still at the site of the bandit’s attack. As he was looking around and checking his surroundings, he noticed that there was a robed woman sitting on a log on the other side of the fire. Realizing that this woman was probably the reason he was still alive, but still to weak to offer any thanks, he decided to just ignore the robed woman for now. He allowed himself to ponder on the recent tragedy that befell him and his family. Filled with rage, he vowed that he will not rest until he has tracked down the filthy thieves who killed his family and left him for dead on the side of the road. The tracks would still be fresh enough for him to follow in the morning, for now, he will rest and dream of sweet revenge.

Daemon Frost

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