Immortalized Red Coat


Before becoming a fighter, Gimos was a knuckle trout fisherman. Quickly rising through the ranks, he became the captain of his own fishing ship. Amassing some wealth, Gimos sired 12 children (legally and illegally) among several women (one was rumored to be a drow of the Underdark).

Oswald the Artificer was indeed his godfather during his wedding to his second wife (officiated by Thorin Seeker nonetheless).

When a great storm sank his fishing ship, Gimos was depressed and became an alcoholic. Emma Moonblade saw him and trained Gimos to become a scout and a messenger, sometimes escorting valuable cargo to various parts of the Ten Towns. Emma had high hopes for her apprentice.

Alas, Gimos met a fiery death when GreekFire exploded during a misfire accident while Clytie was handling Oswald’s Mark II projectile launcher.

In his memory, Oswald renames his airship, The Gimos.

He is survived by his twin brother, Gimas.

Stark has composed a song in his memory as well.

And the Rider stormed through the snow.

Of news and legend he carried

Black Haven is now buried

Protect the mage he was told

One of the giants is well, old

To Emma Moonblade was his debt

And Clytie’s folly was his death


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