Hope is Daemon Frost’s new Animal Companion. Hope was “Awakened” by Turlang, giving the wolf higher intelligence and the ability to speak!

Hope is a fun and cool wolf. He’s still adjusting to his speech and is awed by the many possibilities with it. He is also fascinated with life together with his new half-elven master and among humans / humanoids.

He gets well with SkyClad but hates the others.

Hope loves raw meat, cuddling of his ears and cajoling in the snow!

Hope replaces “Slaughter”, Daemon Frost’s first animal companion who was killed.


Recently, in the final chapter of the first book (Episode 7), Hope was killed (Disintegrated) in the spell-trap room deep within the bowels of the Lost Demon Temple. Lady Alustriel promised to bring back Hope if Daemon Frost and his companions complete the quest (going into ShadowFell) and become Harpers.


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