Lady Alustriel



  • In Episode 7, Emma and Lysandros bring the party to Alustriel where she reveals the “Banite” plot
  • She asks PCs to choose between going to ShadowFell (into the Dreamscape of Ezra) or to Hellgate keep to stop Bane.
  • Promised Daemon Frost to resurrect Hope if they complete the new quest and become harpers


Lady Alustriel Silverhand (known as Elué Dualen to the elves) is a human,the former ruler of Silverymoon and is currently the High Lady of the League of the Silver Marches, a confederation of various states in the areas around Silverymoon (Mithral Hall, Everlund, Citadel Adbar to name a few).


She is a powerful mage, being one of the Chosen of Mystra and one of the Seven Sisters. She is known for her love and devotion to her people, something really unusual for many people who hold political power. Therefore, she is extremely popular in Silverymoon, and most of her subjects would do anything in their power to prevent any harm from happening to her. She is considered a wise and fair ruler, but she does not hesitate to be ruthless when needed (i.e. in diplomacy).

As of the events of the Spellplague, Alustriel, along with six of the other chosen seven sisters of Mystra have vanished. They are presumed deceased, minus The Simbul, now much diminished and under an assumed name.

Lady Alustriel

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