A young, loyal Paladin who was slain, sent to Hell, and brought back to a scarred and brutalized form must make amends between what he has believed all his life, and the reality that faces him.


Physical Description

Lysandros’ features are sharp and defined – his jaw descends from nobility, his brows are stern, and his blue eyes pierce like his arrows. His hair, ash blond, is medium-length and neatly cropped towards the back, barely touching the chainmail hood of his celestial armor. Affixed on the tabard of his armor is a pin signifying his membership to the Harpers, which, despite scratches and buffs from combat, still shines like new.


Before the Campaign

Lysandros is a young human paladin of 26 years, though he wasn’t always one to serve through a code. He was born and raised in the forests north of Silverymoon, in a humble ranger encampment. In his third year, a battle between fleeing Bane cultists and pursuing Harper knights resulted in their forest being razed. The rangers, forced to fight a battle that was not theirs and were not trained for, perished. Though a child, Lysandros attempted to rescue a wounded cleric, but missed his shot and failed.

He was recovered by the Harpers as the sole survivor of the event, and was thus adopted by them. Some of the senior members became worried when he decided to train as a paladin to fight demons, because they began to feel a sense of awareness in the boy – that perhaps he might grow with hate and vengeance.

The bow was a constant companion and an implement that brought him peace and calm, however. It was his link to his past – a past that existed only as visions of demonic hellfire. The Paladin Code provided stability and guidance as well, and his lords were pleased with his performance. At age sixteen he was well enough to fight as a junior Harper, and was sent on missions with alongside the likes of Emma Moonblade and Morissey the wizard.

When Emma fails to report on time while on a mission from a suspected demonic incident, Lysandros is sent to recover the agent.

Present Time

Lysandros was betrayed to the Zhentarim by the bard-assassin Isaac Kross, and accidentally killed by Clytie the demonic sorcerer, leaving him badly scarred and missing limbs due to a gaping hole in the right side of his body. His words have become stressed and his breathing has become shallow with the loss of a lung.

At present, he is the First Mate of the Gimos.


Lysandros lost his parents at a young age, though the trauma was lost to his childlike innocence. To him, the Harpers that adopted him are his family, and the Paladin Code is his direction. His motivations are simple and are led by the simple mantra, “Right before Righteousness.” He seeks not glory nor wealth, and will only pursue power if it will deter evil.

When Clytie killed him with her Hellfire, however, he was sent to Hell and would have rotted there (he presumes) for eternity if he was not raised by their dwarven cleric. This has led him to question the legitimacy of his beliefs and his faith. Coupled with being wracked with the pain of death and resurrection, his experience and change in demeanor has been branded onto his skin. While he still struggles to make sense of his life and his future, he teeters on the brink of simply acquiescing to the truth of his apparent damnation.


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