Nicolai Grachev


Short and Sweet: The Lich in Bral. Responsible for The Infestation and gives the party a Quest of Vengeance in exchange for the star maps to Krynn.
First Appearance: Episode 12
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Class: Lich
Status: Appeased. Left Bral as per the Quest (with Maraxis and Vitra)


Nicholai Grachev was an honest noble earning his keep at the Rock of Bral. Nicholai had a shipyar d and trading business and dealt regularly with the Arcane, among other folk. Envious of his success, his fellow nobles plotted against him. Two nobles in particular, Count Vritra (human) and the slave-trader Marax’is (Lizardman) schemed and succeeded. Vritra and Marax’is gained the favor of Prince Andru’s father, the late Frun, and framed Nicholai for a crime he did not commit (tax and laundering illegal substances).

His wealth was confiscated, imprisoned in the Donjon. Soon, his wife and daughters were killed by agents loyal to Vritra and Marax’is. Years passed and Nicholai was able to escape.

He soon found a tome, The Necronomicon. Using the book, he studied and mastered The Undeath. Nicholai vowed revenge. He returned to the Rock of Bral and started the zombie “Infestation”. He couldn’t get close to Vritra and Marax’is due to their Ptah Cleric allies and security personnel.

For revenge, Nicholai wants his family vindicated and Vritra and Marax’is killed (be turned into Undead to serve him) or be put to justice.


Nicolai Grachev

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