Human, Fighter 1, Chaotic Good

“Old Olmo” is the owner and barkeep of The Salty Dog. His tavern serves mostly seafood (knuckle head trout and others) caught off the Maer Dualdon. Quite recently (due to Stark’s weekly performance), a new dish, Chicken Meat Suasage (made out of 80% chicken meat, and 20% from bacon, pork fat, turkey and beef, mixed with various herbs locally grown in Icewind Dale) is fast becoming a famous and highly sought-after dish.

During his low days, Olmo tried to serve dog meat to his regular patrons (mostly sailors and mercenaries). He used too much salt, hence the name of his Inn. Ever since that day, he has stopped serving dog meat.

Olmo knows almost everyone in Targos and keeps a few secrets and rumors himself.


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