Oswald Dweebwinkle

Gnomish Artificer. Captain of The Gimos


Oswald Dweebwinkle
Gnome Artificer Level 2 (Rogue 4, Wiz 1). Lawful Neutral.

Like most gnomes, Oswald has a passion for creation and “tinkering”. As an Artifcer (Magic of Fearun prestige class option), Oswald has the ability to make gadgets or items that mimic spells or spell-like abilities. He runs a shop at the Gallaway trading center in the middle of Targos.

Oswald is honest, and always enjoys challenges. Putting his inventions “to the test” is always a treat for him.

Recently, he named his airship The Gimos in honor of his late godson who was untimely killed by a freak accident with one of his inventions (via a Clytie fumble).

Oswald also owns Gargamel, a cat with a knack for farting.

Oswald Dweebwinkle

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