Prince Andru


Short and Sweet: Prince of Bral
First Appearance: Episode 12
Alignment: NE
Class and Level: Human, Wizard, Level 6
Home: Bral
Status: Current Prince of Bral

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As a youth Prince Andru studied some magic, but soon took up the study of statecraft and intrigue. When [his father] Frun died, Andru arranged the murder of [his brother] Calar and lives in fear of a similar fate. He is rarely found without powerful protective magic and numerous bodyguards.

Andru is a self-serving, devious man who has come to believe that the end justifies the means. His chief goals are consolidating his own power and subjugating all who live on the Rock to his authority. However, as matters stand, he is but one of the many powers of Bral.

Prince Andru’s unscrupulous nature does not mean that he is a tyrant, nor does he lack a sense of humor. He is considered one of the most talented and charming diplomats in all of Wildspace, and he rarely acts hostile or threatening to his callers.

Prince Andru

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