Ruha The Seer


Bedine mage who is known for visions. She hails from Anuaroch. Ruha has tatoos on her cheeks. His husband, Ajaman, was killed by the Zhentarim. She has a deep hatred with the Zhentarim.

The vision that Ruha cannot decipher reads;

“The white queen is troubled but can’t say why. The black queen hates the white and gives the assassin a black coat. The assassin steals upon the white queen. She can’t see him gliding through the shadows. The sword screams. The white queen falls. Her city falls. Stones fall in the cavern to crush the soothsayer. The tree burns and trashes in agony. Branches break. Branches twist and grow together…”


Recently, Ruha has helped Daemon Frost discover the true killer of his family.

Ruha The Seer

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