SkyClad NimbleWind

halfling rogue who has a sketchy origin ...


Important Information

  • Is not really a halfling but a Kender
  • comes from the world of DragonLance (Krynn).
  • is the only one to see a tatoo on Ezra
  • always in wanderlust to travel and discover new things
  • is the grandson of Tasslehoff Burrfoot
  • inherited the Rabbitslayer
  • has taken Belladonna Valentine to travel and “Wanderlust” with him

Father: Kronin Nimblewind
Mother: Ethani Wanderfuss
Grandfather: Tasslehoff Burrfoot

SkyClad has been represented in a prestigious 6-inch custom-made action figure, whose pics can be found here:


For the uber-long, imba, epic (but well written) SkyClad Origins tale: CLICK HERE

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- DM Mon

SkyClad NimbleWind

Winter's Twilight SkyClad