Very little is known about the female Drow warrior, Tazrae.

She is from House Dalyl and is a member of the worshipers of Vhaerun (Drow god of thieves). The party encountered her during their travels in the Underdark.

Tazrae has struck a deal with the PCs, leading them to the portal to the Spine of the World. In exchange would be a favor to be called upon in the future


  • Tazrae already called in that favor. To ferry her and her companions aboard the Gimos to the High Forest. Tazrae calls it “quits”. “The next time we meet, we may not be allies”
  • In Episode 8, Daemon Frost learns that Tazrae is the real killer of his wife and daughter.
  • In Episode 10, The party learns that Tazrae is responsible for setting up a “beacon” in the High Forest which enabled the City of Shade to re-appear.


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