Thorin Seeker

BattlePriest of Tempus


Human Cleric (BattlePriest) of Tempus (Fighter 4, Cleric 5). Chaotic Good.

Thorin Seeker serves as the head of the Temple of Tempus at Targos. One of his jobs is to keep the morale of warriors in the town high. He constantly preaches about the values of war and battle. Thorin will not back away from a fight that he can win. Once you win his trust, he can be a good friend. You wouldn’t want the Monsignor as your enemy. His favorite weapon, like Tempus, is the Great Axe which he wields with the feats Cleave and Great Cleave.

Thorin is also friend to Roric, mentor of Stark the Bard.

Thorin Seeker

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