Anulus Ingenium

Divination, Elements and Undead


The Anulus Ingenium appears as an ornate ring made out of Adamantite. In the middle is a multi-faceted, precious Sapphire gem that glows (should the Bearer wish). If the Bearer so wills, the ring can change or “disguise” itself into any non-assuming, simple ring and may even (once the Bearer is attuned) be almost impossible to detect with mortal Magic.


The first Bearer of the Ring was Clytie (Episode 6 The Demon Temple). During her time, she has caused the death of many innocents, Lysandros was one of them. This prompted the Paladin to mount a court marshal at The Gimos during Episode 14. After Samael appeared, Captain Findar then willingly took the Ring as his own burden.


During Clytie’s time, the Ingenium manifested the following powers:

  1. Hellfire Ray (3x/day. Dependent on level and special factors)
  2. Greater Dispel Magic
  3. Control Undead
  4. Control Elements
  5. Immunity to Elements
  6. Divination abilities
  7. Detect Warriors of the Dark
  8. Detect general location of the Signet Rings of Power

The Ingenium has the influence over the domain of Divination. It also has full control over the Undead as well as possessing the powers of the Intellect. Matter and the elements also bow down to the wishes of its Bearer, though not without cost. The Ingenium can also detect the presence of most Warriors of the Dark.

Anulus Ingenium

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