Dragonsheart Armor of King Connar IV of Armmarindar


The dragonsheart armor is a dwarf-size suit of red dragon scale mail with a full helm in the
shape of a dragon’s head.

  • It provides AC 5 (equivalent to scale mail +1)
    and its wearer gains the following benefits:
  • a +2 bonus on all saving
    throws vs. red dragon breath, fireball spells, and other attacks using heat
    or fire,
  • and a -1 damage modifier to each and every damage die rolled
    (with a minimum of 1 point of damage per die) for such damage. In addition,
    attacks of this type that cause 6 points of damage or less in a
    round (whether initially or after being reduced by the -1 damage modifier
    per die) inflict no damage to the wearer.
  • DR 10 on Dragon Breath

In ancient times (-2770 DR), one of the great, legendary dwarven rulers wore this armor
King Connar IV of Ammarindar vanquishes many of the creatures that have devastated Sharrven, including the red wyrm Rithaerosurffel, known as the Bane of Sharrven.

The King was killed in another battle and his armor has been lost since that time

Dragonsheart Armor of King Connar IV of Armmarindar

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