Rabbit Slayer

weapon (melee)

The Rabbit Slayer, a dagger given to Tasslehoff Burrfoot by Sturm. Caramon said it was so small, it can “only kill a rabbit”, hence the name.

The Rabbit Slayer is a minor artifact which can only be wielded by those of the Burrfoot blood and lineage.

Type: Dagger, Kender sized
Bonus: + 4 ( + 10 vs gods and god-like beings)
Damage: 1d6
Critical Threat: 17 to 20 (x3)

Known Powers

  • Will always return to the person who owns it after it is lost or stolen
  • Possibility of planar or time-travel as per legends (to be confirmed)

In order to force Chaos to part or remain on Krynn, the gods needed Chaos’s blood, and so, at the end of the Chaos War Tasslehoff insulted Chaos, making the deity careless. Tasslehoff then ran up and stabbed Chaos in his big toe with a magical knife Caramon Majere had dubbed “Rabbitslayer”. The resulting spurt of blood was enough of Chaos’ essence to be used to force the deity into a choice—stay in the world and be forced to continually control himself (which Chaos had little patience for), or leave. Chaos decided to leave, but while he was leaving, he stomped on Tasslehoff, seemingly killing Tasslehoff, but leaving his items.

Rabbit Slayer

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