Winter's Twilight

Episode 6: The Demon Temple

Our heroes assault the Tana’ri Demon Temple atop the Lost Peaks in an attempt to free Emma Moonblade from her captors.

Episode 5-B: Ask Turlang

In this non-combat (role-playing episode only), the characters confront Turlang to prepare for their quest to assault the abandoned Demon Temple at the Lost Peaks.

Episode 5: The Grandfather Tree

Emma Moonblade is in grave danger! After a successful defense of Targos, our heroes make haste towards the High Forest to seek the Grandfather Tree and Turlang, the great Treant, to seek answers to their questions…

Episode 4: Targos Invasion

Returning from the Spine of the World, our heroes managed to forge an alliance with the Wyrm Tribe of Uthgardth barbarians. The humanoids from Bremen, led by the mysterious Frost Maiden, has marched the massive army south and is headed towards Targos.

Episode 3 Into the Underdark
The Barbarians will come

Through a messenger, the Uthgardt barbarian tribe of the Great Wyrm wants to make an alliance with the Ten Towns. With the town of Targos under threat of invasion by the humanoids, our heroes venture deep into the Underdark to seek a portal and rally the barbarians to their side.

Episode 2 Meat Wagons

Our heroes race to save the hostages of Black Haven and discover a foul secret on Bremen.

Episode 1: Dawn of Winter

The campaign officially begins. The party is complete. Off to adventure!

Prologue 2
the boy

The tale of Daemon Frost and Clytie…

Prologue 1
Episode Zero

The campaign begins in an “integration adventure” with SkyClad, Findar and Stark as they find their way towards Targos in the Ten Towns.


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