Winter's Twilight

Episode 16 Ravenloft


Swallowed by the “Mist”, the Company of Targos find themselves in Ravenloft, the Domain of Dread ruled by the Overlord Count Strahd Von Zarovich. As soon as the vampires swooped and took the body of Briggs, the party are in hot pursuit. Soon they will be embroiled in a mystery which involves zombies, fortune tellers, witches and of course, vampires!

Episode 15: It Must Have Been Love

With the second Signet Ring of Power, the Anulus Mentem, now in his possession, Skyclad Nimblewind and the Company of Targos face one of their toughest decisions yet: help free Kendermore from the Knights of Neraka or waste no time in continuing in their quest to find the rest of the Rings…

Episode 14: Burdens of The Ring

The Company of Targos brave the Tests of High Sorcery, defeat Malystryx and recover the Anulus Mentem, the second Signet Ring of Power. In a power struggle, Lysandros incites the crew of the Gimos to court-marshal Clytie. Samael appears and Clytie loses the Anulus Ingenium to Findar, its new bearer.

Episode 13: Krynn

In search of the second Signet Ring of Power, our heroes leave the Rock of Bral. Armed with the starmaps to Krynn, they finally arrive at the crystal sphere and step into unfamiliar terrain.

Episode 12: Justice for House Grachev

Episode 12 starts exactly when Episode 11 left off; The Company receives a quest from the Lich, Nicolai Grachev, to clear his name and seek justice/vengeance against 2 noblemen on the Rock of Bral, House Maraxis and House Vitra. In return, Grachev will give them the starmaps to Krynn.

Episode 11: The Tale of Isaac Kross

The shocking truth about Isaac Kross and a betrayal that splits the party apart.

Episode 10: Of Phaerimms and Shades

The Asabi went down without much of a fight. “They didn’t fight like they used to” observed Findar. “Most likely, they were Dominated by the Phaerimm…” Clytie clarified. “They are near” she added.

Episode 9: The Magma Dragon

Isaac Kross wakes up. His mouth full of sand. Head throbbing like it would explode any minute. Stoned? Drunk? Not a good day.

Episode 8: DF and the Owlbear

After converting the characters from D&D 3.5 to Pathfinder, we now proceed to Book 2 of Winter’s Twilight. In this episode, Daemon Frost is the center of the story as he confronts his past and discovers the real killer of his wife and child.

Episode 7: ShadowFell

Our story continues exactly the minute when the last episode paused.

After defeating the Doppleganger, his Werewolf minions and the harrowing rescue of Emma Moonblade, our heroes find themselves deep within the bowels of the Tanar’ri temple.


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