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  • Fitz Knucklebone

    Fitz has a lot of friends and connections in the Rock of Bral. Being a barkeep, he knows a lot of rumors. He does hate politics. He has served under the legendary Captain Sharic Sif' Harith aboard the Nightsaber (Sharic's modified Ilithid ship).

  • Belladonna Valentine

    Belladona helped the party discover a secret passage into the middle of the city of Bral during The Infestation. Since then, she and Skyclad have been constant companions. As a native of Krynn, Skyclad brought her along for the trip. Upon landing at …

  • Quann

    Quann is your typical Mercane. He is devious in business and will only sell at the "right price". With his network, Quann can get anyone almost anything in Bral (ships, helms and magic items)

  • Typhoon Raven

    Typhoon Raven keeps a low profile. She is disguised as a lowly thief when she is, in fact, the Guild Master of Bral, The Obsidian Regency. Raven played a pivotal role inciting a rebellion against House Maraxis and Vitra through Isaac Kross. Typhoon …

  • Vitra

    Vitra, once in great favor from Prince Andru, currently is in charge of the docks and does "special shipping consignments" for Bral. He operates a cargo business which is really a front for his smuggling and illegal-trade activities.

  • Maraxis

    Maraxis runs a mercenary company called *The Blade of the Red.* His mercenaries have favor from Prince Andru and run around Bral “above the law”, so to speak.

  • Sir Robert The Great

    This sneaky dwarf tried to get some fast cash posing as THE Sir Robert. When the mercenaries of Maraxis heard about this, they quickly put him out of his misery. The party discovered his body and tried to make a martyr out of him with the aid of the …

  • Lord Torem Belamos

    Lord Torem Belamos' father was best friends with Nicolai Grachev. He had in his possession, documents and manuscripts that proved the guilt of Maraxis and Vitra. The party used his mansion as base of operations in Bral as they sought justice for the …

  • Prince Andru

    As a youth Prince Andru studied some magic, but soon took up the study of statecraft and intrigue. When [his father] Frun died, Andru arranged the murder of [his brother] Calar and lives in fear of a similar fate. He is rarely found without powerful …

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