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  • Belladonna Valentine

    Belladona helped the party discover a secret passage into the middle of the city of Bral during The Infestation. Since then, she and Skyclad have been constant companions. As a native of Krynn, Skyclad brought her along for the trip. Upon landing at …

  • Aglaya Darya

    A woman in her mid 40s, Aglaya is tough and aggressive. She does not really favor her assignment in Kendermore. Wary of strangers, she "keeps the peace", so to speak. Aglaya is Knight Commander of a regiment of the Knights of Neraka and hold …

  • Tavin Thistleknot

    Tavin escapes Kendermore and his engagement with Nikki Springtoe to "find meaning and purpose" in his life. Even if Belladona is his first, true love, Tavin may have accepted that SkyClad is the better man

  • Nikki Springtoe

    Nikki is scheduled to be wed to Tavin. But Tavin, off to Wanderlust, disappeared a few days before the wedding, never to be heard off again

  • Nerrith Pun

    Aglaya Darya's ever loyal second-in-command. SkyClad and Findar managed to "trick" him into releasing Gaban and the two Kender prisoners at Kendermore

  • Gaban

    Freed by Skyclad and friends, Gaban agrees to guide the party to the Tower of High Sorcery. Sadly, in a freak accident, he was killed by a wayward Clytie fireball. Sigh.

  • Malystryx

    As one of the biggest dragons in Krynn, Malystryx has commanded fear, even from Takhisis herself. Spawning several Dragon Overlords to rule over selected Krynn provinces, Malystryx is left to her own despotic nature. She possessed part of the Anulus …

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