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  • Arik

    Arik is the barkeep of the Blood of the Vine Tavern in Barovia

  • Friar Donavich

    Suffering from madness due to the death of his son, Donavich was suspected to have spawned the undead that attack Barovia nightly. Cured by SkyClad with the Anulus Mentam, Donavich has been pivotal in providing our heroes with information to defeat …

  • Ireena Kolyana

    Every 100 years, a reincarnation of Tatyana spawns in Ravenloft. Currently Ireena Kolyana is the one. Strahd will do everything in his power to win back the love of Ireena "naturally".

  • Madam Eva

    Madam Eva is the Raunie of the Vistani. She alone has divination powers in Ravenloft and has provided the party with a fortune telling reading on how to defeat Strahd. The Vistani and Strahd share a "mutual respect" relationship.

  • Dimitri Kirov

    A Daywalker, Dmitri is Strahd's right hand man, almost always in his blood-red full plate armor

  • Strahd Von Zarovich

    A man of noble birth, Strahd spent much of his life serving causes of goodness and law, most notably as a warrior and leader of armies. Years of such service took their toll upon him however, and by the time he reached middle age, Strahd came to believe …

  • Baba Zelenna

    Baba Zelenna is one of the coven of Hags in the valley. She is associated with the fane at Lysaga Hill. She leads a group of witches (humans with spell ability and a secret deformity) in worshipping the demon Chernovog ("the Green God"). Rumor also …

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