Basic Information


The Mercane are an aloof and mysterious race of wandering merchants. Their trade is magic items of all kinds, from the simplest babbles to the most potent of artifacts. Mercane care only for the deal, and will deal with almost anyone, so long as they have the coin to pay for the Mercaneb The tall, lanky blue humanoid is clothed in the finest, exotic robes and is adorned with sparkling jewelry. Its hands are thin and spidery, each finger with an extra joint in it expensive wares.

A Mercane stands about 9 feet tall and weighs around 600 pounds.

As Mercanes do business with numerous races, they speak Abyssal, Celestial, Common, Draconic, Infernal, and at least two other languages.

Culture and Ecology

Mercane have a prominent role in the Arcane Inner Flow as traders in magic items, especially those items specialized in travel through space. The Mercane have established an extremely powerful trading cartel known as the Arcane Trading House to handle all Mercane transactions within the Arcane Inner Flow. This cartel has invested an enormous amount of gold and treasure in establishing the series of ports in the spheres that make up the Arcane Inner Flow. Key to their investment has been Refuge, an entire sphere controlled by the Mercane and has been turned into the finest port of call in all of the Known Spheres. The Inner Flow has many thriving trade routes, thanks to Mercane investments. Mercane associated with the Arcane Trading House are often nicknamed “Arcane”.

Every major port of call has at least one Mercane residence, with some ports like the Rock of Bral having several. These permanent residences are owned by the Arcane Trading House and open to any visiting or resident Mercane. The House maintains several of these magnificent residences in every port, even if Mercane visit only rarely. The residences are well guarded by patrols of 5th level fighters and warded against scrying and thieves.

The House has a large navy of ships at its disposal, ranging from simple tradesmen to heavily armed warships. The Mercane themselves travel in luxurious yachts, which are crewed by 5th level (or higher) fighters and wizards. These yachts are sometimes escorted by powerful warships, as the Mercane are well aware that they are tempting targets for pirates and buccaneers. Mercane ships often carry the most valuable cargos, while the Mercane themselves are valuable as hostages. Bold are the pirates who attempt to ransom a Mercane, for while the Trading House may pay the ransom, they also known for having a long memory and seek vengeance later by putting hefty bounties on the heads of those responsible. They are patient creatures, often waiting decades before bringing down their wrath on captors of other Mercane.

The wealth and power of the Arcane Trading House is not to be underestimated. It is know to have the resources of entire planets at its disposal. No one is known to have survived a trade war against the Trading House, as it is utterly ruthless when crushing competition. Not only does it have the resources to deeply undercut the prices of their rivals, it also employs whole armadas of privateers and numerous saboteurs. Though their tactics are questionable at best, their success is not.


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