Targos is amongst the smallest of the Ten Towns of Icewind Dale. It sits on the southernmost shore of the Maer Dualdon along a series of high cliff walls that shelter its port from the savage winter winds.

The harbor’s deep water allows the construction of vessels which are large for the area, and the sheltering cliffs allow construction to continue through much of the year. As a result the town is amongst the top towns of the region for dominence of the knucklehead trout industry.

Notable locations within the town are the Salty Dog Tavern (located in the cove at the base of the cliffs), the Gallaway Trade Depot located in the main town at the top of the cliffs, the Weeping Widow Inn and the Wind Gate, the only land-accessible entrance into the town.

The town defends itself from frequent humanoid raids from the Spine of the World. There are roughly around 400 to 500 militia. This force is led by Bednir, son of the Mayor of Targos, Ulbrec Kemp.

The main point of defense is The Palisade which is a walled garrison and fortress.


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