Winter's Twilight

Episode 6: The Demon Temple

Our heroes assault the Tana’ri Demon Temple atop the Lost Peaks in an attempt to free Emma Moonblade from her captors.

Game Date: October 8, 2011 (Saturday)


  • Alex Mena as SkyClad Nimblewind, Halfling Rogue of 6th Level

  • Keith Morales as Daemon Frost, Half-Elven Ranger of 6th Level

  • Nil Caruncho as Findar Hammersonn, Dwarven Cleric of 6th Level

  • Meng Morales as Clytie, Elven Sorceress of 6th Level

  • Jan Rey Solomon as Thunder Dickenson, Human Fighter of 4th Level

  • Chase Gosingtian as (new character) Lysandros, Human Paladin of 4th Level

  • Special participation of Phil Cahiwat controlling Thorin Seeker

  • NPCOswald, Gnome Artificer of 7th Level

After gathering much needed information from The Grandfather Tree, the party rests up and prepares for their foray in the Lost Peaks at the crack of dawn. As the group prepares, Turlang sends Daemon Frost on a quest to find a new animal companion. The ranger finds a wolf, returns to the treant and decides to name it “Hope”.

Turlang presents Daemon Frost with a gift – he casts “Awaken” on Hope and gives the wolf more strength, toughness, intelligence and the ability to talk! Deamon Frost thanks the Treant and joins his companions.

On board the Gimos, they arrive at the Lost Peaks around dusk. The Demon Temple sits on top of a plateau with a massive gate and a walled parapet  that leads underground to the heart of the mountain. They lower Hope, SkyClad and Daemon Frost to investigate. Soon, they spot shadowy figures inside battlements on top of the gates. Moments later, a patrol of highly trained Undead warriors (with ropes tied to their backs which connect back to the tower battlements) come out to patrol.

Our heroes attack! The ropes tied to the back of Zombies are connected to pulleys that instantly pulled or “rappelled” the undead onto the side of the tower walls. Due to this, the Undead archers have combat advantage. With some degree of difficulty, they manage to dispose of the Juju Zombies through turning, melee and spells. Findar, SkyClad and Frost make it up to the archery towers where they engage and destroy the rest of the Undead. Within the confines of the tower they find the bound and shackled Lysandros.

Lysandros claims to be a “follower” of Emma Moonblade. The clerics cast detection spells, wary that he might be a shapeshifter. The Paladin comes out clean and he is allowed to be part of he party.

They open the huge iron double doors and continue deep into the heart of the underground temple.


Hope is once more ordered to scout ahead. The wolf falls into a pit trap where a Carrion Crawler lurks. After rescuing Hope and defeating the Carrion Crawler, they investigate the other rooms. The rooms at the side of the main entrance appear to be sacrificial chambers, each room had an elevated dais or altar, caked blood and a variety of trash, human remains and debris. There is nothing of interest except for a single Ruby gem.


Skyclad ventures out first as they open the northen door from the sacrificial chambers. The halfling rogue meticulously checked for traps before letting the others in. Daemon Frost investigates a prominent statue of a Succubus with a sword pointing downwards skewering 3 human babies. Deamon Frost and Findar place the single ruby (and leaves it there) on the statue but nothing happens.

Lysandros sets the northern tapestry (of demons devouring humans) on fire. The chambers begins to fill with smoke and fumes!

Daemon Frost and Hope spot some tracks leading to the North East door. It is locked and SkyClad fails to open it.

Meanwhile, Lysandros checks the Western doors, opens it and views the room whilst holding his torch. The young Paladin notices some sort of magical Darkness 30 feet from the door. He moves in for a closer look and is hit by two poisonous darts! (DM NOTE: that was the only area which Skyclad failed to check).

The NE door was beginning to be a problem. Oswald then decides to magically call the Gimos (from its small box-like state) and ram the door with it. Presto! Problem solved. No more door.

The door opens into another vast room containing a…


Standing in the middle of the circular chamber is a lanky, thin goblin holding a rusted sword and a clanky shield. “I will kill all of you!” shrieked the goblin.

“Why don’t you come here and do it” says SkyClad.

“I cannot. I prefer to stay here!” replied the Goblin.

All of a sudden, the entire room erupts with a Fireball from above and the goblin reveals its true form – an Ettin, a 15’ tall double-headed Giant!

Unbeknownst to the party, the Ettin’s master, an Ogre Magi hovers above. And armed with his spells, will rain doom and destruction to our heroes. The battle ensues!

The fighters (Dickenson, Thorin and Frost) take on the Giant. Thorin scores a lucky critical and fells the Ettin!

When Oswald decides to engage the flying Ogre Mage with his Ice Necklace of the Uluthoin, Daemon Frost suggest that they conserve the more powerful attacks for later. Oswald takes a delay action. Next up in initiative was the Ogre Mage and he lets loose a 10d6 Ice Storm which felled most of our heroes and almost killed more than half of the party (Notches were used to prevent this). Oswald fires his own Ice Storm (after the delay) and series of other damaging spells from Clytie finally kills the Ogre Mage.

Deamon Frost got a lot of evil eye stares from his party mates after this.

Badly wounded, the Clerics patch up our heroes and they use up their potions of healing and prepare for the next room.


The party barges in to the next northern room to see this scene:

A large altar room with ledges around 3-4’ tall at the sides, in the middle is a raised dais. Emma Moonblade, barely clothed, is bound and shackled with rope and chains in the middle. Guarding her are half a dozen black cloaked humans without armor or weapons. They begin to transform into their Werewolf form! Initiative is rolled! Woot!

The fighters take on the Werewolves. Skyclad hides in shadows and moves in from the side ledges. When he attempts to send a message to Oswald using the E-Pad, it explodes (10% chance) in a ball of fire, bloodying the Rogue (and taking out a Werewolf hiding on the ledge on top hahaha!).

Clytie manages to get to Emma Moonblade but hesitates to free her (DM NOTE: it took Clytie 3 full rounds to decide to free Emma from the bonds since she told me that she was unsure if this was the Doppleganger or not). The Doppleganger, in his true form, finally appears behind Clytie and does a backstab. The Sorceress is almost killed by the attack! The Doppleganger then prepares to use his Ring of Invisibility to vanish into thin air again.

SkyClad, after flanking and killing a werewolf engaged with Findar takes a five-foot-step (good lad!) and orders his Troll Gut Rope to attach to the Doppleganger.

The Doppleganger becomes invisible and attempts to flee (he’s badly wounded and most of his Lycan minions are now pelts lying dead on the cold, dungeon floor) but is caught in SkyClad’s rope (Alex gets a notch for this).

Using the rope as a guide, some party members manage to get hits and the Doppleganger’s life is ended with an arrow between the eyes courtesy of our ranged-weapon expert, the Paladin!

Emma Moonblade is free and the enemy defeated! She is glad to see Lysandros and the other party members.

“There is much to talk about” said Emma.

“We do not have much time….”

With that, the session is ended.

The next gaming session will continue with the following current hit points (EXP was awarded)

  • SkyClad: 4/54

  • Daemon Frost: 50/60

  • Findar: 44/69

  • Clytie: 2/37

  • Thunder: 0 (unconscious)

  • Thorin: 70


  • Basic Share: 3,725

  • Story Bonus: 2,500

  • Notches tonight: 1,000 each
  • Keith – 5
  • Meng – 2


  • Thunder: “Man. He is so beautiful.” (referring to Lysandros after rescuing him)

  • Thunder to Lysandros: “Dude. What did the Tapestry ever do to you to deserve that fate????”

  • Hope: “No. No. No! I’m not going inside the room first THIS time!”

  • Hope: “Master, are your hands clean?” DF: “Yes. Why?” Hope: “Can you wipe my ass? I just did a poopie!”

  • Phil Cahiwat (player talk): “Keith, if Mon wants to attack with that, shouldn’t we let him do it? He is the DM after all.” Keith: “We might need the more powerful spells later for the last encounter. That’s all I’m saying”… and then all hell breaks loose.

  • Hope: “Rations?!? I’m a fucking Wolf, boy! We DO NOT eat rations!!!”



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