Baba Zelenna


Short and Sweet: Leader of the Witches Coven
First Appearance: Episode 16 Ravenloft
Alignment: CE
Class and Level: Hag, Green. Level 12
Home: Barovia
Status: Active


Baba Zelenna is one of the coven of Hags in the valley. She is associated with the fane at Lysaga Hill. She leads a group of witches (humans with spell ability and a secret deformity) in worshipping the demon Chernovog (“the Green God”).

Rumor also that she is from Krynn and is an agent of Lord Soth and sent to Barovia to unseat Strahd from power.

Findar convinced Baba Zelenna and her coven to aid them in their quest to defeat Strahd.

Baba Zelenna

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