Isaac "Fox" Kross


Isaac Kross wakes up. His mouth full of sand. Head throbbing like it would explode any minute. Stoned? Drunk? Not a good day.

Funny, though, he only remembers his name. Moments later, when his senses come back, Isaac finds himself in the middle of Anauroch’s sweltering heat.

Anauroch, also known as the Great Sand Sea, is a huge expanse of sand. Dotted by Netherese ruins and jagged spires, it is barren as far as the eye can see. One of Northern Faerun’s most formidable and despicable places.

“What in Elminster’s balls am I doing here?!?”, Kross mutters to himself, a gaggle of vultures hover overhead.

From the corner of his eye, Kross spies a woman approximately a hundred yards away, hiding behind sand dunes to the East. He tries to call her attention. The woman runs. Isaac, almost at an instant, is fast in pursuit.

“I never knew I could run this fast”, the human was talking to himself again. A few seconds later, Isaac was almost ready to tackle her.

But he stopped short.

From the distance, half a dozen Bedine warriors on Camel-back were making their way towards him.

They didn’t look friendly. No, sir. Even a stupid Orc could figure that out.

“Not a good day”; Isaac whispered.

Their raised, blood stained Scimitars were not a good sign.


Isaac “Fox” Kross of the Fire Knives
Human Rogue (Knife Master Archetype)
Fact: Isaac Kross was given the nickman “Fox” by his fellow assassins because of his cunning and unconventional tactics that he employs to gain desired results in his missions.


Isaac Kross was a free agent of the Fire Knives. He is known to accept outrageous assassination jobs, always choosing missions that would put him on ridiculous situations, situations that would challenge both his wit and skills. It was this wild disposition of his that made him choose the Zhentarim over the"name maker" assassination mission that the Black Masks offered him. The Zhentarim approached Isaac with a fifty thousand gold mission: he was to track and intercept a certain Harper named Lysandros. That mission came with a special request, if he can bring Lysandros alive and unharmed to the Zhentarim, he will be given another twenty thousand gold. He was sold. He knew his skills will be put to the test, kidnapping a Harper agent is never an easy job. He accepted the mission only after giving his terms: That he will be working alone, and that he will only be paid, a single gold piece.

It took him three weeks to track down Lysandros, by then he already knew that the Harper Paladin was traveling with a band of adventurers, and after sacrificing half a bag of gold he was able to gather enough intelligence to uncover their goals.

And that was when he decided to weave a devious plan.

It didn’t take long before he found himself dodging Asabi ambush points and admiring the vast and dry empty landscape of the Anauroch desert. After studying the position of the sun against the landmarks and mountain faces, he calculated that he was not far from the Bedine’s main camp. If his prediction is correct, it will be the very camp were Lysandros and his group will be stopping by in about a week’s time.

From his travel pack he pulled out a small baseball sized stone, its ivory surface glimmering against the desert sun. Those who are familiar with this artifact will know that it is a Stone of Memory, a magical stone that allows Wizards and Sorcerers to channel and save their thoughts for future use. But of course, Stone of Memories are hard to get by, and only the prestigious Sorcerers and Wizards have access to them, Isaac was no Sorcerer, nor was it a real Stone of Memory.

It was in fact a flash bomb crafted to appear like a Stone of Memory and it uses a special spark mechanism, it is imbued with Magic Mouth and it was set to trigger when the right verbal command was given. This flash bomb was Isaac’s insurance. The bomb was also cloaked by a high level Illusion spell, in case someone would want to inspect its true use.

With the fake Stone of Memory on his hand, he knelt to the ground, closed his eyes, and proceeded to the next phase of his plan, the hardest phase, the part where he erases his memory and insert a new one for the sake of disguise. (Self-Imposed Memory Alteration)
Two hours later, Isaac “Fox” Kross, of the Fire Knives will be woken up by Iryne as Isaac “Fox” Kross the Bard.

Isaac "Fox" Kross

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